At Olive Tree, we strive to be the trusted Provider for your People Strategy.

Your people’s success fuels your organization’s success. It is simple and true. We believe that all your people have the Potential to contribute to the success of your organization.

Our people strategy is to provide the human capital processes and systems to directly support your business strategy. These strategies include staffing, training and coaching, performance management and employee welfare, and helping people find their Passion.

When your people are aligned to your business goals, they understand why and how their day-to-day activities contribute to the whole business strategy. They will have the ability and willingness to make the greatest contribution possible, greatly improving their Performance in your organization!

Olive Tree partners with you to build a People Strategy that enhances your business potential and competitive advantage.

Our approach serves to support the achievement of the business strategy. Access to financial capital is no longer the single greatest source of competitive advantage, because competitive advantage is now derived from know-how, from people’s abilities, skills and competence. Having the right human capital in your organization with the appropriate skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities provide the edge that will not be easily replicated by competitors.

All organizations face similar challenges in understanding the right mix of people you need, finding and recruiting them, and engaging and retaining them.

We want to partner with our clients to leverage the potential of their employees to achieve business success.

We are dedicated to work with our clients to develop a strategy best suited for each individual company. Our commitment is to thoroughly understand your business culture, personality and style so that we may effectively assist your organization.

We offer the following professional services to our clients based locally and internationally.

Permanent Placement (Junior to Executive roles)
Contract Placement
Payroll Administration

Should you wish to avail your company of the services we offer, give us a call at +65 6339 9068 or email us and we will contact you to arrange for a meeting to discuss your needs.