Welcome to Olive Tree

At Olive Tree, we believe in the potential of people. We know employees are the most important asset of an organization and we aim to maximize the passion and performance of your people; their skills, their knowledge, their talents and their experience, so your organization can benefit from the commitment and contribution of talent.


On increasing the value of your organization’s human capital whilst employees learn and grow in a conducive environment that recognises and rewards their talent. Success requires that people strategies are aligned with the business, and the operating and financial strategies of the organisation. Only then will an organisation have the right people in the right roles, with the right competencies, focusing on the right objectives.


Olive Tree creates business excellence for our clients by developing a People Strategy that support their employees to be fulfilled and fruitful in their contribution to the organization.


Our consultative approach helps us perform much like a part of your own Human Resource department. We begin by first understanding your business, corporate culture and values, people requirements, and then formulating the right strategy which leverages on our in-depth market knowledge and vast network of contacts.


Olive Tree aspires to GROW with our clients and candidates.

Glorify and Honor God 

The core of our commitment.

Respect and Responsibility 

Our core values are honesty, fairness, integrity, trust, and accountability. We respect all relationships and take responsibility for our actions and deeds. 

Open Communication and Commitment 

In line with our vision to nurture trusted partnerships, we maintain transparency and confidentiality in all our communication to candidates and clients. We are committed to pursue excellence in our business and to grow profitably for all our stakeholders. 

Work Hard and Have Fun 

While we work hard to provide a quality service through close partnering with our client, we do not forget to enjoy every relationship we develop with our clients and candidates. For it is relationship that we treasure, not just a business partnership. 

Let us be part of your recruitment team!

Quality, professional conduct and efficiency are built into every aspect of our business: our people, processes, our database and other affiliates.

High Quality
We have developed an effective process and a well-proven search and recruitment methodology that ensures the high quality of candidates and successful placement to our clients.

Absolute Confidentiality
We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality for every project. All clients’ and candidates’ information remain strictly confidential.

Our group of talented and experienced recruitment consultants ensure that we deliver your search and placement assignments on time. We have received excellent evaluations from our clients for our personalized service and our knowledge of the industries we serve. This allows our clients to engage with qualified candidates in the shortest time possible.